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Our Investigators do not carry weapons, guns etc. New Jersey does not allow Private Investigators the right to carry or conceal weapons.


Our team is made up of investigators from all backgrounds; stemming from military, law enforcement, legal practice, Bachelor and Masters Degree’s in Criminal Justice.


As private investigators we do not wear camouflage while crawling around in bushes (unless needed). To be a private investigator you must blend in not stand out. Besides, trespassing is illegal!


Any private investigator that says they do not get caught is lying. It happens. Some subjects are expert claimants as others may be paranoid by nature. This may not be frequent, but it does happen. Arkeo Investigators are trained to act coy when and if confronted by the subject. The case manager will immediately contact client to deploy secondary game plan to continue the investigation with multiple investigators to yet still achieve the desired results for the client

Arkeo Investigations

Arkeo Investigations

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