NJ Process Server Rules, Requirements, and Procedures

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NJ Process Server Rules, Requirements, and Procedures

3 NJ Process Server Rules You’ll Need to Follow

Summonses, complaints, motions, subpoenas, and other court documents need to be “served” to the appropriate party by a process server. They must be efficient, professional, and uphold the state’s civil procedure laws. Failure to abide by these standards may result in court delays or the entire case being thrown out.

If you are a lawyer in need of an NJ process server, make sure you are familiar with these three rules.

Use a Third-Party Server.

Documents may be served by a person who is not involved in the case, the sheriff, or by a court-appointed or plaintiff’s attorney-appointed person.

Serve in a Timely Manner.

A summons and a copy of the complaint must be served within ten days of the complaint being filed. A late serve risks the complaint being dismissed.

Acquire proper verification.

An Affidavit of Service ensures the documents have been properly delivered. It lists the name of the person served and the place, method, and date of delivery.

Large vs. Small Process Serving Companies

Larger companies often have long waiting periods, lack communication, and provide minimal support. As documents need to be served within ten days, efficiency is crucial. A smaller provider, such as Arkeo Investigations, will offer personalized attention to every client, consistent and continual communication, and speedy response times.

About Arkeo Investigations

Every process server we employ is vetted to assure top-quality work. Our serve of process service includes three attempts and a Notarized Affidavit of Service. If the defendant is evading service, our process servers get creative to complete the serve.

For example, sometimes surveillance is needed for defendants who are evading service. Our process servers are also licensed private investigators and can handle these difficult serves.

Arkeo Legal prides itself on offering affordable pricing packages and quick turnaround times for our clients. Contact us online or inquire to Megan@ArkeoLegal.com with questions regarding NJ process server rules and to discuss the right package for your serve of process needs.

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