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Megan Novak
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Integrity Shops

As a restaurant owner, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why would I need a Private Investigator”. The answer is Integrity Shops. Great customer service and Loss Prevention is key to any business’s success. An Integrity Shop will help your business thrive in the competitive restaurant industry.


During the Integrity Shop, all interactions will be documented covertly. We do not offer our opinions on the food and service. It is strictly facts. The shop is recorded to provide you with a first-hand point of view of what your customers experience and your employees’ behavior.


Here is a list of facts you will learn after the shop is complete:

  • Are your employees on their phones instead of attending to the customers?
  • Is there a wait for a table?
  • Does the Hostess great the customer immediately? How is the Hostesses demeanor?
  • Once seated, how long does it take for the server to approach the table? How long does it take for the server to take a drink order? Deliver drinks? Etc.
  • How is the server’s overall demeanor?
  • How long does it take for the food to get to the table?
  • Does the server tell the customer the specials or any special promotions?
  • Is the manager on the floor during busy or slow times?
  • What is going on at your restaurant when the employees are left with no supervision?


These “Mystery Shops” can be focused on a certain employee if needed. Have you received multiple complaints about one employee? Are you bartender “giving away the bar” or over pouring alcoholic beverages? All of these issues can be discovered during an Integrity Shop.


The Integrity Shop is tailored to your needs based on what you expect from your employees and the product of your restaurant. After the shop is completed, Arkeo Investigation will provide you with the covert video and detailed report. Our team of Integrity Investigators has a minimum of 10 years of experience in the restaurant business. They have worked as servers, bartenders, chefs, and managers. We know what you need to get you the results to help your restaurant triumph.


If interested, please contact us for price packages and a sample Integrity Shop report and video.

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