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Arkeo Investigations thrives on honesty, consistency, & confidentiality

Every case is unique; we work directly with you to acquire the results you desire. Communication is a principal priority at Arkeo Investigations.  An open line of communication is always kept through the duration of your case to allow real-time discussion of your objectives; as well keeping you updated as the case develops. Each case is tactically approached and executed to achieve the best results.

Arkeo Investigations is a New Jersey Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Private Investigation Agency. The State of New Jersey recognizes Arkeo as a qualified and accredited agency to conduct private investigations. Our state licence, bond, and insurance give you lawful assurance with our investigative activities along with peace of mind regarding any liabilities.

The evidence acquired during your case can be presented in any court of law; furthermore Arkeo can readily and legally provide expert testimony when necessary.

We go through great lengths to keep all communications and evidence confidential between Arkeo Investigations and our clients.

For solutions, contact Arkeo Investigations with any of your inquiries and concerns.

NJ Private Investigator Megan Novak

Megan Novak
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Arkeo Investigations is a Private Detective Agency that recognizes we are a direct reflection of our clients. The Arkeo team prides itself on being a new age and new face to Private Detectives. Our investigators go through rigorous surveillance and tactical trainings prior to going into the field. After which, the investigator are selected by their skill set to match clients case objectives. The tailoring approach supports the quality of result clients require. Out of the field, our in-house investigators are trained in social media and databases

  • Our team is made of a diverse unit of female and male investigators from various walks of life. Each case is different as such; each case requires a distinct type of investigator. Each investigator is selected based on their skill level as well as their ability to blend into the environment(s) encountered by the specific needs for the case.
  • Each investigator is equipped with digital covert cameras and high-definition camcorders to obtain clear footage.
  • From walking through shopping malls, to running on treadmills at the gym, our team knows surveillance does not start and stop at the surveillance vehicle. The Arkeo team is trained to discreetly, but actively engage the investigation to obtain the clients results.

Our team is trained in tactical and elusive driving; well needed skills during mobile surveillance. Each case develops differently; as such our investigators recognize when to be assertive and when to be invisible.

Arkeo Investigations

Arkeo Investigations

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