5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Investigator

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5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Investigator

Why You’ll Want a Criminal Defense Investigator on Your Case

A defense counsel should consider working with a professional investigator to help boost the defense’s case and discredit the prosecutor’s case. Criminal defense investigators typically do their job by conducting recorded statements, witness locates, and scene investigations. Employing this professional can be crucial to winning a case.

What Does a Criminal Defense Investigator Do?

Ultimately, a criminal defense investigator’s goal is to help gain insight into the individuals involved in a case—on both sides.

Here are five reasons your defense counsel should work with a criminal defense investigator.

1. An Unbiased Investigation

While a criminal defense investigator may work for the defense, their job is to present facts, evidence, and research. It is up to the defense counsel to use that information to form a strategy against the prosecutor. However, to collect this information, the investigator must first have access to the discovery file, police reports, witness statements, crime scene examination, and lab results.

2. Form a Rapport with the Defendant

It’s crucial for the defendant to feel comfortable with their defense counsel, including the investigator. During a defendant interview, all facts, good and bad, should be shared. However, clients are often less inclined to open up to an attorney. An investigator can build a relationship, rapport, and environment where the defendant feels they can be honest. This is crucial because it allows the defense counsel to better do their job of getting them a lesser charge and sentence or charges dropped. All information shared is also confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

At Arkeo Investigations, we approach every defendant as a person. Our goal is to collect evidence that allows the defendant to be viewed as a human, despite the charges they face. We uncover the defendant’s life history and locate key individuals that can help show the courts who the defendant is in order to humanize them.

3. Perform a Scene Investigation

An investigator can perform a scene investigation, either in-person or through the use of photographs, videos, and diagrams. Here, the investigator can determine the accuracy of the prosecutor’s claim, including how and when the crime was committed, if it aligns with presented evidence, and if it matches witness statements.

4. Discover Witness Information

A substitutional part of a criminal defense investigator’s role is research. This is done through background investigations and witness interviews.

Background Investigations:

Background investigations are typically conducted to discredit a witness and impeach their testimony. Research may include arrest and conviction records, character, reputation, employment, education, social media, and behavior-type information gathered from family, friends, and coworkers.

Witness Interviews:

To uncover reasonable doubt, witness interviews are essential. It may be necessary for the investigator to go undercover to talk to the witness in a friendly and comfortable manner without feeling like it’s an interrogation. At times, surveillance is needed to locate the witness.

5. Provide Accurate Reports

The work from an investigation can be unusable unless presented in an accurate report. What happened leading up to the alleged crime, what happened during the incident, and what followed should be included. The report will be critical to help the defense counsel put together a tight defense strategy and witness narratives.

Work with a Professional Criminal Defense Investigator

At Arkeo Investigations, we are professional private investigators specializing in surveillance and criminal defense. Our services often work together to help build and support a case. For more information, contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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