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Arkeo Investigations thrives on trust, 

honesty, consistency, & confidentiality. Every case is unique; we work directly with our clients to acquire the results they desire. Communication is a top priority at Arkeo Investigations. We keep an open line of communication to allow our clients to discuss their concerns as well as new case developments. Each case is approached as a team effort to achieve the best results. Arkeo Investigations is a New Jersey Licensed, Bonded, Insured Private Investigation agency. The State of New Jersey recognizes Arkeo Investigations as a qualified agency to conduct private investigations. We are bonded and insured to protect you, Arkeo and the State of New Jersey. The evidence that Arkeo Investigation collects can be used in any court of law and expert testimony is available if required. All communications and evidence are kept confidential between Arkeo Investigations and our clients. Contact Arkeo Investigations with any of your questions and concerns 


Arkeo Investigations is a Private Detective Agency that recognizes we are direct reflection of our clients. Arkeo Investigations prides itself on being a new age and new face to Private Detectives. Our investigators go through extensive training to be sure they are top of the line to provide our clients with the best results possible. Our in house investigators are trained in social media and databases to be sure we get you the information that you need.   

 - Our team is made of up female and male investigators of all types. Each case is different and each case requires a different type of investigator. Each investigator is hand selected based off their level of skill and their ability to blend into their environment based on the specific needs for the case. 

 - Each investigator is equipped with digital covert cameras and high definition camcorders to obtain footage.  - From shopping to the gym to a business meeting, our team knows that surveillance does not start and stop at the surveillance vehicle. Arkeo Investigations team is trained to get out of the car and get active to get our clients results.  

- Our team is trained in tactical driving and displays the appropriate skills during mobile surveillance. 

-Each case varies which means our investigators recognize when to be assertive and when to be laid back.   



SURVEILLANCE- Arkeo Investigations specializes in surveillance for Domestic and Insurance cases.  - Domestic cases include but are not limited to infidelity, cohabitations, child custody, pre-martial and marital investigations, Internet dating, business trip investigations, alcohol/drug abuse and investigating your child.  - Insurance cases include but are not limited to workers compensation, disability, motor vehicle accidents, medical mal practice and liability.   SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS UNIT- This special unit is made of seasoned investigators that conduct recorded statements, witness locations and scene investigations to help you gain incite to the individuals involved in your case. These investigators also conduct asset verifications, patent investigations and can track down persons you need to build your case.   

 BACKGROUND CHECKS- In this modern day, it is important to know who you hire, who you do business with. Arkeo Investigations conducts employment history, social media, criminal and civil, credit, education, residency, Division of Motor Vehicle and vital stats to uncover the truth of individuals.    

SERVE OF PROCESS- Arkeo Investigations will securely deliver and obtain and documents requested in a timely manner.     


- Our Investigators do not carry weapons, guns etc. New Jersey does not allow Private Investigators the right to carry or concealed weapons permit.   

- Our team is made up of investigators from all backgrounds from military, law enforcement, legal practice, college degrees and master degrees.    

- As private investigators we do not wear camouflage and crawl around in bushes. To be a private investigator means to blend in not stand out. Besides, trespassing is illegal!   

- Any private investigator that says they do not get caught is lying. It happens. Some Subjects are expert claimants and others are paranoid by nature. This does not happen often but it does happen our investigator will never admit when and if confronted by the subject. The case manager will then speak to the client to come up with a game plan to continue the investigation to get the evidence that is requested.   


  Megan Novak, owner Arkeo Investigations graduated from Saint Peters College, Jersey City, NJ in 2004 with her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice with a focused minor in Law and Justice. During fall semester of 2003 Megan obtained a highly regarded investigative internship in our nations capital at the Public Defenders Service of the District of Colombia. Throughout the internship; whilst learning invaluable investigation methods; Megan realized that investigative work, is her passion. After graduation, she obtained her first job as a private investigator with a small firm based out of southern New Jersey. As she absorbed day-to-day experiences working in the field, Megan’s reputation as a result driven investigator grew, as such so did her career. Megan became a lead NJ investigator for a two nationwide investigation firms covering cases throughout NY, NJ and PA.  As a private investigator she realized that being young and female are rare characteristics within the growing industry. Subsequently, Megan utilized these rare inconspicuous characteristics to yield maximum results during cases where the typical investigators would have trouble. By honing her surveillance skills and unassuming nature Megan was able to distinguish herself apart from her peers. To add to her investigative acumen she began to concentrate within the Special Investigative Unit (SIU), and refined her interviewing, skip tracing and canvassing skills. After 6 years as an accomplished investigator, Megan met the stringent qualifications to acquire a Private Detective license through the New Jersey State Police. After a rigorous application and background process, Megan was granted a NJ Private Investigator License. The state designation qualified for a corporate license. As in her nature, Megan started Arkeo Investigations in 2013. S Megan prides herself on conserving the interest of her clients, while using integrity, ethical behavior while providing consistent notable results. Megan represents a new generation Private Investigators by being youthful, focused, tech savvy a far cry from the clichéd Private Detective. Megan can add value to your bottom line by providing your clients the results they deserve.   


Arkeo Investigations works with Lawyers in all specializations. We also work with Insurance Companies. As well as private clients. 

Surveillance is our focus regardless of the industry. 


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